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How-to design your own tiles!




How-to design you own tiles!

1. Shape & Size
2. Design & Visualize
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The first step is to pick the shape of the tiles that will fit your purposes. Whether you are looking for tiles for a modern home with minimalist design or a vintage one with colonial décor, we've got the right shape you need!

  • Choose cement or porcelain tiles
  • 10 different shapes with different vibes for you to choose from
  • Numerous different sizes for many shapes 
  • Choose between wall tiles or floor tiles

At the moment, we only offer cement and porcelain tiles to our customers. However, in the future, we are looking to add tile sticker and floor vinyl tiles to our selections. Stay tuned for more information!

Of course! If you want to book a new custom shape, do contact us and let us know what you need. The average price for tiles with a custom cemen tile shape is $800-$1000 and around $4000 for new porcelain tile shape.

The principal difference lies in the thickness of the tiles. Floor tiles have to be thicker and more durable than wall tiles as they have to endure more traffic. Meanwhile, wall tiles are essentially more delicate and slicker when wet.


It's time to start designing your own dream tiles! Our tool will offer you complete freedom in customizing your design and let you easily create your unique patterns. If you want to visualize how the tiles will look in real-life contexts, our visualizer is here to help!

Design your tile

Create your own design from scratch in minutes with our user-friendly tile design tool. Freely add your own elements and rearrange them at will. If you are not a designer, don't hesitate to choose from our exclusive collection of stunning and versatile preset designs.  

  • Over 800 design elements to choose from
  • Mix and match freely numerous colors
  • Create your own tile design in minutes

At the moment, our system cannot allow you to add your own design element just yet. However, this is within our development roadmap, so stay tuned for future updates!

Of course you can! Do contact our experts right away so that we could discuss how to add custom colors to your design.

The tool will let you add as many elements as you can into your design, but do keep in mind that we cannot process orders that are overtly complex. To make cement tiles, we have to use hand-made molds, which cannot accomodate designs with too many elements. The sweet spot is somewhere between 2-3 elements.

Visualize your design

Tiles might look a bit different when you install them, so don't forget to check out our visualizer. This feature will help you to visualize how your design will look in real-life environments, making sure that you can make the right setup for your tile designs.

  • Realistic and stylish mock-ups
  • User-friendly visualizer
  • Pattern presets and editor

In the visualizer, you can change the direction of each design element by clicking on the "T" symbol located on the top left of the screen. Each click will rotate that element clockwise. 

You can change the size of the tiles in the visualizer, and the system will apply that change on the current background.

The background of the visualizer can be changed freely. Click on the “Select a room” option and choose the room that resembles your own the most. We are continually adding more backgrounds to add more variety.


Now that your design is ready, it's time to get the tiles shipped to your doorsteps! We offer free worldwide shipping for certain countries, and you can make payment through many different secure payment methods.

  • Free wordwide shipping for certain countries
  • Many safe and secure payment methods
  • Only 10-14 weeks in delivery time

It is hard to tell how much your custom design will cost, as it will have to depend on a variety of factors. For more details, you could take a look at our calculator for a detailed pricing for each shape and size.

We will ship the tiles through FTL trucking to your address or your warehouse. We will use pallets to ensure the tiles arrive without faults. 

Yes, we do offer discounts for large orders or wholesale orders. To calculate the exact prices and shipping fees, refer to our calculator for more information. If you need more than 240 m2 of tiles, please contact us right away for a custom quote!

The payment methods will have to depend on the country. Generally, we offer most common payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, wire transfer, etc.