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Let's design your own tiles

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Let's design your own tiles

Design your own tiles!

Select from 10 shapes for your own cement tile

Designing your own cement tile is now simple. Our tile design tool will help you let your imagination run free and design unique cement tiles minutes!
Below are our signature shapes. Select a shape and customize all our designs as you like.

Exclusive collections

For those who are looking for something refreshing done by professional designers, we also offer exclusive tile designs that will blow you away! Unique and absolutely stunning, these exclusive designs will are also customizable to help you add your own unique touches

Design your own tiles with just 3 easy steps

Choose your shape and size

Take the time to figure out the best shape for your tiles. Whether you need square tiles for a modern home or fish-scale tiles for an oriental touch, we’ve got you covered! Large orders will receive discounts.

Design & visualize

Create a unique design from scratch with more than 800 design elements, or choose a preset from our exclusive collections. Then add your unique twists and turns for a completely different design! 

Payment & delivery

Quick and secure payment with several international payment methods. Our fast processing time will ensure that your order will be shipped out your way within a very short time frame. We offer free shipping on eligible orders.

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Are you looking for a completely unique cement tile design that will set your home apart? Then Tiles.Design is the solution you have been looking for.

We are artisans who fell in love with cement tiles, and we are excited to share that love with our customers all around the world. We offer you complete creative freedom in the design of your cement tiles with the help our tile design tool that allows you to add design elements and change them individually. Our tool comes with more than 10 different shapes for experimental and unique designs that will bring out the best aspects of your living space. If you are not much of a designer, we also offer beautiful exclusive collections.

Our visualizer can show you how your designs will work out in a real-life context. Check out our exclusive collections right here!

Our mission

Our mission is very simple: to turn your passion into fine cement tiles that are as unique as their owners.

Our dedicated professionals do not use mass-production methods, opting instead to use their hands, experience, and skills to lovingly craft each tile. The results are fine high-quality cement tiles made with love and dedication, a rare sight in our modern world.

We also believe that our customers should have complete creative freedom when it comes to designing their cement tiles, and that is why our tool is the first of its kind in the world to let you add new elements and customize them however you see fit to create your own unique pattern. With our tool, you can let your imagination run free with very few limits!

So, why us?


Our factory has passed the ISO 9001 certification for the production of handmade cement tiles.


We offer as many as 10 different shapes that makes your project unique and stunning.


Design your tiles with more than 800 elements and over 100 colors in minutes with our tile design tool.


Handcrafted by dedicated professionals with a true passion for cement tiles and patterns.



Our experts are always on standby to receive your messages, so don't hesitate to contact us right away if you have any unanswered question.


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